Monday, July 2, 2012

It's a Smile, It's a Kiss, It's a Sip of Wine, It's Summertime!!

At the dunes in Kitty Hawk, NC

Life has been busy lately and I LOVE it!!  Last weekend we went to the Outer Banks with Dave's aunt and uncle and his cousins and had a wonderful time!  We relaxed, swam in the ocean, visited the dunes, had a few cocktails, played some games and overall had an amazing time;  I was sad to come back!

Having fun at the dunes!

I've also been busy with school, which is not fun, but it just means I'm that much closer to getting my CPA which is exciting.  We've also been taking golf lessons every Saturday morning with another couple which has been quite the learning experience.  I've learned so much over the past few weeks, that I think I might want to continue taking lessons every now and then.  We have our last lesson this coming Saturday which makes me sad, but hopefully I can takes some more lessons in the near future!

Since we were hit by that crazy storm on Saturday, we decided to do some outlet shopping with our friends instead of sitting inside our houses with no power.  It was so much fun and I came home with a few goodies! ;)  I think even Dave had a good time!

Celebrating my promotion!! :)

Saturday night we relaxed, celebrated my promotion from work and watched some swim trials.  I've been hooked on the swim trials which makes me super pumped for the Olympics!  I can't believe how young some of these swimmers are and the times they are putting out.  It kind of got me thinking about joining a Master's swim team....

Relaxing by the pool on Sunday afternoon...
 Our summer is pretty packed but I love it!  I'm looking forward to a short week this week and New Jersey the following weekend!  I hope everyone has an amazing Fourth of July!!!